Built as a modular CMS and proven as an invaluable tool across multiple industries, we developed an original, in-house software from scratch, to become a simple, powerful and elegant content management system (CMS).

What makes our CMS different from other offerings on the market? For a start, we built our CMS in collaboration with our clients, incorporating our years of experience and feedback from users. From a core set of functionality, we can deliver a version that is fully customised to the needs and requirements of each client, from a simple blog, to a complex system that allows customisation of images, slideshows and content of individual pages. And of course, our CMS has been optimised for speed and completely responsive making each implementation compatible across mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

Here are some examples of the kind of powerful features available within the Netfront CMS.

Image Sliders

Image Slider

The image slider is a common feature of many websites so we built a simple but powerful module within our CMS to allow the user:

  • To create, edit and view image sliders;
  • Upload images using simple drag and drop functionality;
  • Customise each image in the slider by providing custom captions and links;
  • Reusing sliders across multiple pages.

Page Management

Page Management

Page creation and management is a core functionality of a CMS. Our features in this area include:

  • SEO optimisation, so that you can control how the page will appear to search engines;
  • Content editing functionality which can be customised to use templates and font styles (or even table styles) as needed;
  • Insertion of videos and images into pages;
  • Sorting of pages into main or subpages, by a simple drag and drop functionality.

In addition, for sites that have internal site search functionality, the client can control which image will be displayed in the search results.

Organisation Management

The Netfront CMS provides functionality to maintain a database of users, which:

  • Allows registration and grouping of multiple organisations;
  • Allows the assignment of roles or access levels to each individual user;
  • Allows the editing, updating or maintenance of user details;
  • Allows administrators to search the users by name or email.

Notification Management

Provides full control over automated system notifications and messages. Insert and maintain system notifications which are sent out after certain events are triggered, these include thank you messages, successful registrations, subscriptions, or simply successful form submissions.

News and Blog Management

The Netfront CMS provides blog and news management and builds on functionality from the pages module. Have complete control over text content, page images and image sliders for each individual blog or news entry.

Survey Management

Survey Management

Especially useful for on-line randomised controlled trials (RCT) and educational applications, this is a powerful data-gathering tool that allows the creation, customisation, management and analysis of surveys. Features include:

  • Creation and management of question sets (questions that are grouped together and reusable across multiple surveys);
  • Creation and management of response sets (responses that have been grouped together and can be used in any combination with any question set, whether singly or in groups);
  • Creation and management of surveys;
  • Creation and management of campaigns, which are time-based surveys, meaning they will be active within a set time-period.


These are only a small sample of features most commonly used by our clients. More customised projects have included:

  • Site search customisation, allowing the client to manage search filters available;
  • On-line booking forms;
  • Subscription and on-line payment integration;
  • Categorisation of articles and content by custom tags, also managed by the client;
  • User profile update functionality, allowing registered users to customise their profiles and link their social media accounts;
  • Attendance registration.

If you require a CMS for your website project, get in touch and find out how we can help.