Many of our clients come to us to help them with one thing: website updates and/or website redesign.

Creating or designing a site to be successful involves planning on optimising the user interface (UI) and site navigation to give users the best possible user experience (UX). Good user experience is linked with higher traffic and search visibility, with the end goal of increasing conversions. Driving up traffic and visibility (which will hopefully converting clicks into sales) is the most common reason for investing in a website upgrade. Here we list some good reasons for a site update and design.

Why Update?

  1. Visual look and feel Technology and design trends move on, and a website that keeps its brand and image in trend will project an image of professionalism and promote trust with the site users. A good example of a recent major shifting design trend is making your website responsive or mobile and tablet friendly. See The Importance of Responsive Design for a more in-depth overview of the merits of responsive design.
  2. Increased website visibility Google recently updated their search engine algorithm to give preference to websites that follow responsive design principles. Mobile search has recently overtaken traditional desktop search, with a large percentage of users now using mobile devices to access websites. No longer an optional component of website design, it is crucial to get a responsive design if you haven't already - your website's visibility depends on providing a mobile-friendly option.
  3. User experience A layout that minimises frustration for the user (in finding information or getting to the page that they want) is a layout that has a good user experience. A bad user experience can have a negative impact and drive away traffic - and sales - from your website. Additionally, positive user experience also means designing your website to be accessible for visually impaired and handicapped users.
  4. Technology Technology is evolving exponentially, which includes hardware. This can impact the online environment - for example Flash, which dominated websites less than a decade ago, fell out of favour due to non-support from Apple devices. Similarly, Internet speeds have increased since the snail-pace of the dialup days, meaning richer and more complex content can be delivered, and at a lower cost. If you’ve always wanted to include an e-commerce solution to your site for example, now might be a good time to do it!

Of course, other factors, such as cost, will influence your decision on the subject. And some clients may not need a drastic change to their site, other than a responsive design re-work. Here at Netfront we work with the client to come up with a solution that will best fit their needs and goals. Get in touch to see how we can help!