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Our free online QR code maker provides a quick and easy tool to produce QR codes.

QR Code generation is easy! Just try it below or try scanning the code provided.

Qr code maker

Generating QR codes

QR Codes have been around for more than 15 years although never really hit the main stream until recently.

With the ever increasing demand for smart phones like the iPhone, Android, Blackberry and the Windows Phone the QR Code is becoming an increasingly important way or advertising. The majority of phones available today have the capability of reading QR codes or have access to a QR Code decoder via download.

Qr code maker

QR Code

QR codes traditionally were used for tracking machine parts although now used in avariety of commercial tracking applications and convenience-oriented applications aimed at mobile phone users.

QR Codes can be used to website addresses directly from the reader, display text or add a vCard to your contact list and compose and email or SMS as a direct result of the scanner.

We allow you to generate and print your own QR codes for others to scan and use wtih out free QR code generator below.

Qr code maker

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Add a brief message or url below, select the size of the QR Code you would like to generate then select 'Get QR Code'.

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