Unless you’ve been living under a rock, social media is everywhere these days, with every man and literally, his dog, having at least a Twitter account.

Social media has been used as part of online brand identity, to promote the business and visibility, to announce new products, or update followers about news and events. Social media can be used to build a relationship with your clients and customers - advertising, but with very little costs.

Social media accounts have to be actively maintained in order to be truly effective, or clients will lose interest and drift away. As an example, one of our clients, DigIt Contracting, uses several social media platforms - including Facebook, youTube and LinkedIn. They post news of their projects and updates on pricing and equipment hire, available job vacancies, video demonstrations of their expertise and techniques, and also photos taken on site. All this helps to create their business image and profile, as an experienced and reliable dynamic business.

You can read more on reasons to use social media. We’ve helped our clients set up social media accounts, such as on Facebook (in the form of a Facebook Page) and Twitter - both of which can be conveniently linked and automatically updated whenever a post is made to either account. Get in contact to see how we can help with your social media strategy.